UX Portfolio

Interactive Web CV

What better way to practice my Adobe XD skills than to make my CV into an interactive format to send to potential employees?

Oh, and that photo is by me as well.

Everything was made from scratch using the built-in features of Adobe XD.


HTI Tampere Portal

As a summer trainee in the Pervasive Computing Department of Tampere University of Technology, I was tasked with enhancing future student experience using a variety of data collection techniques such as conducting face to face interviews, analysis of raw data, and presentation of findings. I was part of a multidisciplinary team implementing the suggestion from the students to the new HTI portal. My tasks was creating guidelines for students in addition to photography and contributing to the overall end result. I was responsible to enhance the student experience and hence I came up with the Student Survival Kit in the new portal hti-tampere.fi. In addition, I was also part of the team that created the pro.hti-tampere.fi and created and edited their promotional video

A snap shot of the renovated HTI Tampere
Pro HTI website, simple, to the point, aimed at professional job seekers

Master’s Thesis

Working on my UX master thesis in collaboration with Nokia exploring the topic o Virtual Reality Social Acceptability. The work involved extensive research into the topic of VR followed by empirical study including two field studies with real users and observers in the public context of a university in addition to co-creation sessions with UX experts. The final stage was to analyse the qualitative and quantitative data in line with HCI standards in order to create a set of design guidelines for public VR in addition to identifying experiential factors from the viewpoint of users and spectators. 

Direct Link to download the thesis: https://dspace.cc.tut.fi/dpub/handle/123456789/26840

Overview of the field research used in the thesis looking at the perspective of users and spectators
User testing sessions in progress during a busy workday at Kampusareena of TTY

Culinar Society

Culinar Society is a crowd-sourced web portal for food photography. The website provides a space for enthusiast food photographers to share their photos of restaurants and get rewards for their submissions. The portal was created with complete steps of HCD approach taken into consideration. After a brainstorming session and research followed by conducting contextual inquiries in a restaurant in Finland, qualitative data analysis using affinity diagrams, and concept creation and iteration.
Culinar Society was developed as part of a Master’s course work in the field of User Experience called Human-Centered Design Project in Tampere University of Technology in Finland.


ARShopper is an Augmented Reality solution concept mobile application for making purchases easier and more user friendly. The user points the camera at an item in the supermarket and gets instant price after identifying the product. Additionally, the app identifies the prices of the same product in nearby stores instantly and provides the users with the best possible prices.

ARShopper was developed as part of a Master’s course work in the field of User Experience called Human Centered Product Development in Tampere University of Technology in Finland.

Tampere Turisti

Tampere Turisti is a mobile application concept for tourists who visit the city. The app helps users identify services, locations, and business across town and provides information about them to the users.

Tampere Turisti was developed as part of a Master’s course work in the field of User Experience called User Interface Design in Tampere University of Technology in Finland.

Social Goochi

Social Goochi is a small handheld companion device, which works over Bluetooth technology with a specified range. The purpose of this device is to encourage socialization, especially to those who are new to the environment and do not know anyone. Social Goochi is a fun and novel device which helps create friendships, connections, interactions, and relationships. In addition, Social Goochi helps businesses bringing in walk in customers who are near their business area by broadcasting tailor made messages.

Social Goochi was developed as part of a Master’s course work in the field of User Experience called UX Design and Evaluation in Tampere University of Technology in Finland.